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Activity Center Coordinator

Job Summary
A dynamic individual who is capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously. The ACC is responsible for multiple daily and monthly tasks within the Marketing Department, Activity and Resource Center and consistently interactions with patients and community partners.


Job Responsibilities

• Plans and coordinates social and educational activities.

• Tracks event attendance, develops outreach strategies and generates new patients for the office.

• Maintains relationships with assigned insurance agents and vendors (Marketing Manager will assign agents).

• Provides office VIP tours as needed.

• Assist patients in completing paperwork.

• Acts as a patient concierge and regularly interacts with patients waiting in lobby and at the Activity Center.

• Resolves customer service issues as presented to them.

• Maintains Activity and Resource Center on a daily basis to ensure all areas are clean and organized.

• Requests and purchases daily supplies and marketing materials for the Activity and Resource Center and the office as needed.

• Support and communication with our drivers.



• Fluent both in English and Spanish.

• AHCA screening eligible.

• Strong organizational and communication skills.

• Ability to prioritize and multitask.

• Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

• Basic knowledge of physician office operations, health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.

• Positive attitude and outgoing personality.



Every day the ACC will receive multiple reports from the Marketing Manager and Member Services Supervisor in order to complete their daily and monthly tasks. The ACC will be responsible for utilizing these reports effectively and to update them accordingly to daily results.


1. New Patients Schedule for the day (NPCAP)

• List of new patients on the schedule for that day.

• ACC will meet new patients, help them check-in and complete paperwork, provide office tour if needed and orientation in collaboration with the Office Manager or Administrator.

• Sent the day before by Marketing Manager.

2. Medicare Only and Dual Eligible Schedule for the day

• List of all dual eligible and Medicare patients that are on the schedule for that day, currently not part of capitation plan. (Medicare Advantage Plan).

• ACC will meet these patients in the waiting room and invite them to the Activity Resource Center to show services and activities. Will introduce them to the agent present that day.

• Sent the day before by Member Services Supervisor.



1. Marketing

• ACC will prioritize all Marketing tasks, Member Services reports and event as assigned by Marketing Manager and Member Services Supervisor.

2. Monthly Events

• Collects monthly events from community sponsors and enters them into calendar spreadsheet by the 15th of the month for approval by Marketing Manager.

3. Lobby Walks

• The ACC must walk the lobby and interact with patients on a regular daily basis as time allow: 9:00am, 11:00am, 2:00pm and 4:00pm.

4. Creates and Maintains Vendor List

• ACC must create and maintain a list of vendors and contact information who work within the Activity and Resource Center and around their assigned office. The list should include Medicare agents, home health, hospice, pharmaceuticals, assisted living facilities etc.

5. Calendar Planning

• Each month, the ACC will be responsible for scheduling their social Fridays.

• Each month, the ACC should organize 2 birthday celebrations, one for Aging in patients and Dual Eligible and Medicare patients and another day for our current HMO’s. These birthday celebrations will not be displayed in the Activity Calendar and invitations will be done by telephone to each patient.

• The ACC should schedule minimum of 4 educational events per month.

• The ACC should schedule minimum of 8 activities per month. (not including social Fridays)

• All events must be scheduled minimum 30 days in advance to proper promotion and support.


Monthly Meetings

Each month, the ACC will have a meeting with their Managers to discuss Marketing strategies, training, calendar, production and Activity Center events.


Example Daily Tasks

• Reviews schedule reports (Marketing task, Medicare only, dual list of the day , New patients of the day and Medicare patient’s transportation daily report).

• Makes coffee and sandwiches for the day.

• Cleans and organizes Activity and Resource Center.

• Opens Activity Center by 8:30am.

• Walks the lobby every other hour (9:00am, 11:00am, 2:00pm, 4:00pm) and interacts with patients as time allow.

• VIP Tours as needed.

• Lunch time should be before or after any scheduled event or activity.

• Interacts with new patients and helps them complete New Patient Package as time allow.

• Interacts with dual eligible and Medicare only patients and introduces them to the agent of the day.

• Sets up room for any activities and assists Agents daily.

• Completes event invitation calls. (birthdays)

• Closes Activity Center at 4:00pm.

• Cleans and organizes Activity and Resource Center.

• Calls remaining patients.

• Updates and completes required reports.

• Turn in all report and Marketing tasks to Marketing Manager by 4:30pm.

• End of the Day 5:00pm.

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